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The Marijuana Industry is full of opportunity for today’s business Investor. 

In April of 2016 the New York Times reported:

“Medical marijuana sales in California hit $2.7 billion last year (2105), accounting for nearly half of all legal marijuana sales in the country, according to ArcView and New Frontier, another cannabis research company. Approval of recreational marijuana use in November could double the market here by 2020, experts said.”

If voters approve recreational marijuana use in the coming election the California market will be primed to emerge at an unprecedented rate and set the stage for further legalization all across the United States. 

A leading Marijuana Research firm stated that….the actual estimated increase in Cannabusiness revenue in CA alone, if legislation passes, is for the CA legal market to go from $2.7 Billion to $6.6 Billion by 2020.

We at Modern Hemp have always been at the forefront of the Marijuana movement. While we are still active advocates for decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, our focus is now positioning investors for the the future of Marijuana legalization. Are you ready to participate in the upside potential of the “New Green Movement and consequent emerging businesses”? If you are looking to invest in one of today’s fastest growing markets, we are open to talking about the tremendous upside profit possibilities in today’s Cannabis Market.

Modern Hemp was built on assisting existing CannaBusinesses to achieve their full potential and develop new business models for the emerging marijuana marketplace.

We are actively looking to assemble a consortium of advocates and investors who share our vision of future Cannabis Business and who want to participate in the outstanding business potential. Those interested in entering the the marijuana market and positioning themselves to take advantage of the continued growth of the Cannabis marketplace are encouraged to communicate with us about any of the business opportunities listed below..

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – JC Penney

Modern Hemp Investment Opportunities:

Tier 1, 2, 3 Production and Processing and Retail Licenses

Few organizations in the United States have the 2 decade history in the Marijuana Industry we do. From Prop 215 advocacy to Top-Tier business relations we have done it all. This has given us the opportunity to obtain first hand knowledge of the very best business opportunities across the United States.

We are currently custodians of multiple Tier 1-3 production and processing licenses in the Pacific North West. In a market that provides only limited numbers of licenses obtaining the license could be the hardest part of the process. We have secured multiple licenses and are currently seeking partnerships to increase or begin production. Opportunities vary but can include production licensing with no property or facility, production and processing licensing, licensing with property and production/processing facilities. Retail licensing is also available.

There is no better opportunity than to obtain a license in a limited market that is on the verge of massive increase. We have access to the licenses and production experience and are currently looking for investment partners. Opportunities available in WA, OR and NV.

Investment Range depends on the actual offering: $350,000 – $1.5M

US Hemp Academy

In the largest Marijuana Market in the US and perhaps the world, the SoCal Basin, there is no major Cannabis Training Facility dedicated to educating the medical or recreational consumer, industry professionals and law enforcement departments and individuals. Modern Hemp intends to start the U.S. Hemp Academy with locations in SoCal, WA and NY to provide classroom, online education and industry certification. 

We want to be the first franchise-able marijuana school to standardize the education that will bridge the gap of the marijuana myths of the 60’s and 70’s and the new age of hemp. With a CA and US market due to double or triple in the next 5 years there is a great need for standardized education for the recreational, medicinal, legal and professional marijuana arenas. If you have a passion for educating current and future generations about the laws, the many personal and commercial uses and health benefits of marijuana you have found a place at the US Hemp Academy.

Investment Range: $500,000 – $7M

Modern Hemp Concentrates

The marijuana industry has changed and so has usage. No longer is usage limited to rolling a joint. Cannabis comes in many different forms today and concentrates are at the top of the popularity list. This popularity and the market for concentrates will only increase with legalization. The market for concentrates will not only increase tremendously with the influx of new users but will also multiply exponentially as food companies and other commercial enterprises develop new products for the growing market.

We have a business plan to become a premiere Cannabis Concentrate Company providing only top quality cannabis concentrates for the food, medical and recreational markets. Since cannabis concentrates are a relatively new aspect of the industry the opportunities for new companies to penetrate the existing and future marketplace is excellent. 

Investment Range: $350,000 – $750,000

Modern Hemp Consulting
We have made a business of Cannabis Business Consulting for nearly 2 decades. As the marijuana frontier changes and more and more states become legal for Medical and Recreational use the need for business, professional, legal and law enforcement consulting will expand tremendously. We are in a position to take what we have done in CA and export it to states with legal status currently and create the first National Marijuana Consulting Firm.
Investment Range: $150,000 – $350,000
Cannabis Mobile Apps
We have a number of proprietary applications for diverse needs in the growing Marijuana Marketplace that need expansion and development to meet the growing need. These applications will make individual consumer research faster and the procurement of the specific medicine much easier for the end user. Since 80% of search engine usage is done on mobile devices it makes sense that an expanding industry must compete in the mobile arena.
Investment Range: $150,000 – $350,000
Cannabis National Database
We are currently developing the prototype for a National Database and Registry that brings together data for patients, distributors, producers, processors and lawyers. We want Modern Hemp to be the largest clearinghouse of Marijuana Data in the world. The opportunity not only puts us in the position of being at the forefront of Cannabis trends, but the opportunity to sell our research and reports to governmental, legal and commercial entities seeking insight into the growing marketplace. The advertising revenue from such a site could be in the millions per year.
Investment Range: $250,000 – $750,000
Patient Resource Center National Franchise
Just like McDonald’s provides a brand name turn key solution for the fast food industry so is the need for a similar out-of-the-box solution for Cannabis centers around the United States. With our years of experience in the industry we know what works for a successful Patient Resource Center, dispensary and Social Venue. We have solutions for areas where marijuana is completely legal, where cannabis is legal for medical usage and for areas where legality is pending.  We want to be the first franchise-able National Patient Resource Solution on the market. We welcome inquiries from investors interested in the National model as well as investors in setting up their own individual PRC.
Investment Range: $500,000 – $2M
Intellectual Property
With the Cannabis market expected to double or triple in the next 4 years the need for information, education, guidance and entertainment in written, audio-visual and multi-media forms is absolute.

We have 4 main pieces of written intellectual property that we want to roll out in 2017 and many more in development. These initial 4 include:

1) The underground Memoirs of a Freedom Fighter.
The real story of the advocates that stood at the forefront of the fight for Marijuana Safe Access. The untold behind the scenes story of the Marijuana Movement from an insiders viewpoint. This fascinating non-fiction documentary / biography has the potential to not only be a top seller in written form but also the potential appeal for the big screen.
2) A Series of Cannabis Travel Guides
3) The updated “Growing Marijuana for Dummies – The easy and inexpensive way to Grow Big Bud.”
4) The rewritten version of one of the industries most iconic written documents.
We believe that we have a winning combination of books that provide the information, entertainment and fact that the growing market will want and need along with a business plan to get it in the hands of patients, enthusiasts and general public.
Investment Range: $75,000 – $250,000

Our extensive experience in all areas of the Cannabis Industry is our greatest asset. We are committed to helping your Hemp Business achieve its’ financial goals while providing top-notch product and service to your community.

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